Well folks, we start our 1st week of sports competition this week.  Just wanted to update on what I know about COVID stipulations for each of the schools we play at this week.

Friday, Aug. 28th HSVB  DGS vs. Absarokee @ Absarokee -I emailed their A.D. last week and they did not have a definite plan.  They were leaning towards sending tickets to family members and limiting to a max of 50 in attendance.  However, the other half of the Southern C VB also met on Friday to decide on a plan.  As of right now, spectators will be allowed!

Saturday, Aug. 29th HSFB DGS vs. Roy/Winifred @ Winifred - It has been reported that Winifred will not allow any visiting spectators to their football or volleyball games.  I will confirm this tomorrow and see all the stipulations.  As of right now, NO visiting spectators will be allowed.

Saturday, Aug. 29th VB  DGS vs. TCT @ Hobson- Social distancing and sanitation will be encouraged for all who attend.  No limits at this time.  Masks are not required as of this time either.  Please note the cancellation of JV as TCT does not have enough #s.  As of right now, spectators will be allowed.

I know the frustration level is high right now with these possible restrictions.  I will find out more and pass along what I find out.  The good news is that our kids are going to play and we want to keep this happening for the entire year.